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Play Golf or Learn to Play Golf in the Comfort of "The Great Indoors"

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Learn to Pay Golf

Learning to play golf indoors is the ideal environment. It’s private, weather-proof, and free from distraction. Learning with a qualified instructor from the start will save you many a headache later on… but it’s never too late to start.

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Improve Your Game

Whether you are keen to learn from scratch or keen to get to scratch, it is my goal to provide the best possible golf coaching for all levels of players. As a PGA Professional, I will help you get started, fix your faults, and reach your potential.


Real Golf Indoors

Choose from over 300 courses, or play unique golfing games suitable for the whole family…  there’s even a license bar to enhance the fun for any occasion. Play a regular 4-ball when the weather is dodgy, or book for a special event.

Indoor golf using proven technology

Trackman 4 is by far the most used launch monitor amongst golf professionals worldwide.

Used on all the professional tours, and most TV broadcasters, Trackman is trusted for its accuracy and incredible depth of data it provides after every shot.

Combine this data with the incredible software and graphics and you have a real golf course in front of you… all in the comfort of the ‘great indoors’.

You can play rounds of golf on hundreds of courses, practice on the indoor range with detailed feedback on every shot, and even play some fun games… all with a beer in your hand if you fancy.

What's On Offer, at a glance

  • Indoor Golf: Yes, if you didn’t already know, you can play golf indoors… and it’s incredibly realistic, an amazing learning environment, and fantastic fun. 
  • Golf Coaching: Learn to play or improve your game. Complete beginner to aspiring player. Learn correctly from the beginning and if you know how hard the game already is, take the confusion away with professional PGA coaching. 
  • Club-Fitting: Combine Trackman and PGA professional guidance and you have the perfect club-fitting solution. As an approved MIZUNO FITTING CENTRE we ensure you get the best deal and the best experience when ordering your new clubs. 
  • Golf Shop: Catering for all your basic golfing needs. Clubs, bags, balls, shoes, clothing, & accessories.
  • Leisure Shop: Due to our amazing waterside location, we can even fit you out with a paddle board or inflatable kayak. Also, a great selection of stylish clothing and accessories.
  • Licensed Bar: Why not enhance the fun by enjoying a drink or two while you play?

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Be part of Richard’s growing community using our unique coaching app. Receive weekly motivational advice, unlimited ‘ask me anything’ questions, and many other benefits.. it’s like having your own private golf Guru at your fingertips.

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