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Learning to play golf indoors is the ideal environment. It’s private, weather-proof, and free from distraction. Learning with a qualified instructor from the start will save you many a headache later on… but it’s never too late to start.

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Improving your golf swing is a continuous process, but learning to improve and manage all aspects of your game is your route to better golf. Learn to chip, putt, and score better, and your handicap will come tumbling down. 


With the perfect combination of expert guidance from Rich Coffin, PGA, Trackman data analysis, and our superb coaching App, you can fully understand your golf swing, dial-in your short-game, and fulfil your golfing dreams.

coaching options


£ 25 One-Off Charge
  • 55-Minute Introductory Session
  • A Full Assessment of Your Existing Game
  • Or Have a Go for the Very First Time
  • Discuss Your Future Coaching Options


£ 75 One-Off Charge
  • 55-Minute Quick-Fix Coaching Session
  • Understand & Fix any Problem
  • Video & Trackman Data Inclusive
  • Get Some Clarity in Your Game


£ 295 Or £120 Per Month
  • 6 x 55-Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Choose From Six Pre-Set 90-Day Courses
  • Sessions Are Spread Over 3 Months
  • Saves up to £150 Over One-Off Lessons


£ 25 Per Extra Person
  • Available in Groups of 2-4 People
  • Get a Group of 2-4 Friends Together
  • Choose Any of the Coaching Options
  • Just Add £25 Per Extra Person to the Price


£ 50 Per Month
  • Weekly Analysis of Your Golf Swing
  • Follow a Personalised Programme
  • Unlimited Video Uploads to Our Unique App
  • Constant Monitoring of Your Progress


£ 150 Per Month
  • 2-Hour Coaching Session Every Month
  • Weekly Online Coaching Included
  • Bespoke Programme Re-Assessed Quarterley
  • Be the Best Golfer You Can Be

90-day courses

Richard Coffin - PGA Professional

Quite simply, I want to help golfers become more consistent with their play so that they can enjoy this wonderful game to the full. I believe that everyone can learn to play golf and I believe that everyone can become a better golfer. 

I’ve experienced pretty much everything this game game can throw at us and I use this knowledge and experience to help people play better golf. I will help you understand your swing and ensure you are playing with the right equipment.

Whether you are keen to learn from scratch or keen to get to scratch, it is my goal to provide the best possible golf coaching for all levels of player.

The Benefits of Working with a PGA Professional Golf Coach

  • Immediate feedback: Understand your current swing and take the guesswork out of improving. 
  • Immediate results: Better golf shots can be achieved in just a few minutes with the right guidance.
  • Hands-on: Feel the right positions in the swing. Your coach will be able to physically help you feel what’s good or bad in the golf swing.
  • Completely bespoke to you: Something that pre-recorded content can never provide.
  • We get to know you: How you learn, how fast you learn, and what you’re physically capable of are completely unique to the individual
  • Immediate video diagnosis: Understand what’s already good or could be improved with your current technique.
  • Understanding: Golf can be very confusing… use your coach as your ‘Google for golf’ and get a proper answer to all your golfing queries.
  • Demonstration: See, hear, and feel the right movements… in the room, right in front of you.
  • Motivation: Your coach is not only your swing coach, or your short-game guru, but also your mentor and motivator.

"While in-person golf lessons come with a cost, they are a worthwhile investment for golfers looking to lower their handicap, improve their consistency, and enjoy the game more. The guidance and expertise of a professional instructor will have a profound impact on your golf game". ChatGPT October 2023

coaching gets results

Here are just a few of the many success stories I have helped people achieve over the years.

Paul S.
Paul S.
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As a lifetime golfer who never bettered an 18 handicap, I was determined, in early retirement, to try and achieve better. I threw myself into golf for a year and made only slight progress. Then I decided to seek help and chose to work with Rich Coffin who I had seen working with other people. Within a year of starting with Rich my handicap was 6 and my confidence sky high!
Sarah L.
Sarah L.
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“I started playing golf several years ago, but since having lessons with Richard over the past few years my game has progressed considerably. During the winter we have followed a programme that has addressed every aspect of my game including the mental approach which has proved very helpful. Richard's studio provides a fun, relaxed, yet professional place to learn or improve your golf. Sarah".
Steve Symonds
Steve Symonds
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“I came to Rich with a goal in mind… a single-figure handicap. I would say I had a good appreciation of the fundamentals and how important they are to building a solid swing. With a plan and regular coaching over the winter, Rich and I have built a swing that I’m happy will provide me with the results I’m looking for on the golf course. Great coaching style, honest, supportive, and knowledgeable. If I’ve learned anything; set goals and have regular touch points to make the improvements you need. Thanks, Rich”
Matt W.
Matt W.
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Really enjoying my coaching with Rich. Everything is explained simply and clearly, making for a good understanding. I’m now confident that I know exactly what I need to work on. The online support on the app is also brilliant. Thanks

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