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Play Real Golf Indoors

Play golf for real at many of the most famous venues in golf. Choose from over 300 of the most iconic courses played by your heroes on the PGA and DP World Tours. The experience is incredibly true to life as you hit every shot with your own clubs and real golf balls.

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Driving Range Heaven

Using Trackman Shot Analysis programme offers you the perfect driving range scenario. Clubface angle, club path, angle of attack, impact location… things that only a full Trackman set-up can know. Is it a slice or a push-slice? How far does my 8-iron carry? No more guessing.


Licensed Bar/Events

Let’s face it, when it comes to playing golf in the UK, every golfer faces an unrelenting adversary… the unpredictable weather. The cold, the wet, the blustery, the mud… playing indoors is a lot more fun… No more cancelled games or muddy shoes and the bar is always open when you play.

indoor golf pricing & booking

Please Note: Prices are per session, not per person. For example, 2 hours at peak time will only cost £15 each when split between 4 players!


Book this special price 1-hour practice session between 10am & 5pm daily, Monday to Friday


Book a 2-hour session from Monday to Saturday (Sundays are possible by prior arrangement)


Book a 3-hour session from Monday to Saturday (Sundays are possible by prior arrangement)

Larger Groups & Events

Up to 4 players can comfortably use the simulator at any one time. If there are more than 4 players who would like to play, or you have an event in mind for any occasion, please add a note when booking or get in touch to discuss your options.



Faithful to the game

Every aspect of the outdoor game is replicated indoors. Every shot is precisely measured by Trackman and the resulting data is transformed into real action in front of you on the big screen. The ball will travel the exact distance it would have done in ‘real life’ and the bounce is affected by the contours of the ground it lands upon. Distances are automatically affected by slope, ground conditions, the lie of the ball, and even the strength of the wind, which can be predetermined… or turned off, you’ll be pleased to hear! Putting can be set to automatic to save time or is great fun to watch your ball curving across the green as it would on an outdoor course.

World Renowned Courses...

For many, playing the likes of St Andrews or Royal Portrush is a dream, a dream that sadly many never experience.

With our simulators, that is no longer the case… Now you can experience the world’s best courses in an authentic golfing environment.

As an additional bonus, you’ll also find that you can finish an 18 hole round in half the time, which means more time at the 19th hole.

All Courses


Practice Suggestions

  • Bag mapping: Create a record of the average distance each club in your set carries through the air and rolls out in specific ground conditions.
  • Dial-in your wedge distances: Learn exactly how far each of your wedges will carry for a quarter-swing, half-swing, three-quarter swing, etc.
  • Work purely on Speed: You can increase your club speed, but it’s your ball speed that counts. Learn how the different impact factors affect the speed of the ball.
  • Practice in Windy Conditions (without actually being battered by it): Learn how the wind really affects your ball and how you can adjust your club-selection accordingly.
  • Groove Your Swing: Keep an eye on your club path, face angle, attack angle, etc as your strive for more consistency.

Fun and Games For all

Invite the whole family and make the most of the additional fun game modes. Players of all abilities can have a blast with the golfer games!

Everyone loves a longest-drive contest! Choose the width of your fairway and fire away. Choose whether the longest drive or the longest average drive wins.

Who’s the best iron-player? Challenge your friends in match-play. The best shot, on each hole, ‘captures’ the flag. The most flags at the end wins… simple.

Can you handle the pressure? Pick a hole from any of the courses in the Trackman library. You could be competing on ‘The Postage Stamp’ at Royal Troon, or the famous 7th at Pebble Beach

 Great fun for all abilities. Choose from one of the amazing backdrops… real course, skyscraper city scene, or wild west showdown. Accumulate points as you negotiate the obstacles.

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