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If you’re looking for golf lessons in Devon, let me tell you how ‘Connected Coaching’ is different.

The problem with golf lessons, unless your coach is with you all the time, is that you never know if you’re doing things right or not in between the lessons.

You may have had batches of weekly lessons in the past, but this doesn’t give you sufficient time to practice in between and the lessons don’t usually continue for a long enough period to see a lasting transformation in your game.

With ‘Connected’ Coaching, however, it’s different. Combining weekly online catch-ups and two visits to the studio each month, you have the perfect blend of coaching at an affordable price… SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, SAVE SHOTS

how Connected coaching 'PLUS' works?

  • Receive your FREE PRIVATE SPACE in the coaching platform.
  • During the free assessment, you will receive a detailed video analysis of your swing and short-game techniques.
  • You will also receive a comprehensive Trackman data report, and learn how you can use it to fully understand what your club is doing.
  • You will leave knowing exactly what you need to do to reach your goals and with a clear pathway for transforming your game.
  • Following your free assessment session, we will discuss how best to proceed.

connected coaching 'plus' pricing

One-Off Coaching Sessions

An occasional session to set yourself straight, or get a quick fix for a particular fault. You may have a problem with chipping, or a persistent slice you just can't control.

'Connected' Coaching Assessment Session

Let's take a proper look at your entire game and find out how properly 'connected' coaching will transform your golf once and for all. Once booked, you will receive automatic access to my online coaching platform so you can see how it works.

Monthly 'Connected' Coaching

Combine two coaching sessions each month with weekly online catch-ups for the perfect blend of coaching with a modern approach. Commit to a reasonable period of time and you will begin to see a lasting transformation in your game.


NB: A typical coaching session is 55 minutes

Richard Coffin - PGA Professional

Quite simply, I want to help golfers become more consistent with their play so that they can enjoy this wonderful game to the full. I believe that everyone can learn to play golf and I believe that everyone can become a better golfer. 

I’ve experienced pretty much everything this game game can throw at us and I use this knowledge and experience to help people play better golf. I will help you understand your swing and ensure you are playing with the right equipment.

Whether you are keen to learn from scratch or keen to get to scratch, it is my goal to provide the best possible golf coaching for all levels of players.


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Be part of Richard’s growing community using our unique coaching app. Receive weekly motivational advice, unlimited ‘ask me anything’ questions, and many other benefits.. it’s like having your own private golf Guru at your fingertips.

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