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What to expect on your first visit

Become a Better Golfer
with PGA Professional Rich Coffin

Please read the following information and fill in the form so we can get a head start before your first visit

Your first visit will comprise of a complete analysis of where your game is right now, and set you on the right course for improvement.

Improving your golf is a journey. It’s a journey that will have many ups and downs. And it’s a journey that will make you laugh, cheer and cry in equal measure.

There are no short-cuts on this journey, and sometimes a few detours are necessary, but, if you seek professional coaching to help you on this journey, it will certainly be a quicker one and a less confusing road to success.

Let’s start this journey by finding out a bit more about you and your golf. Please fill out and submit this form prior to your first visit. I look forward to meeting you.

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